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Brussels Energy Group Meeting

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13/09/201610:45Enzo De Sanctis - Presentation of new book "Energy from Nuclear Fission"pdf0.15
13/09/201610:30Jef Ongena -- Introduction to this year's Energy Group meetingpptx12.5
13/09/201611:00Paul-Frederik Bach -- Comments on J.Constable's book: Energy Entropy and Wealthpptx0.35
13/09/201616:45Herbert Fischer -- Climate Change: answers to some questionspptx0.76
13/09/201615:45Christophe Buchal -- Climate change, yes but ...ppt0
13/09/201614:00Raymond Koch -- Climate change from a physicist's point of viewpptx2.36
13/09/201614:45William Ingram -- The physical modelling of climate changepdf1.03
13/09/201616:15Istvan Marko -- Climate Change Pro and Conspdf12.52
13/09/201612:00Fritz Wagner -- Report to the EPS Energy Group on workshopspptx1.68
13/09/201610:00Agenda of the meetingdocx0.08
13/09/201611:15Gianluca Alimonti -- The close link between energy and foodppt2.81
14/09/20169:55Christopher Watson - British Nuclear Power Policy pptx0.06
14/09/20169:15F. Wagner -- Surplus and Storage with intermittent electricity productionpptx4.31
14/09/201610:55Frederic Wertz -- German SPOT and RES electricity Generation: impacts on Czech SPOTpptx1.67
14/09/20169:35Elisabeth Rachlew -- Electricity distribution in Sweden and the Nordic countries; Sweden’s electricity fossil-free but not (yet) nuclear power free electricity systempptx2.79
14/09/201614:30Luc Van Dyck -- Horizon 2020 Interim Evaluationpptx0.7
14/09/201610:35Sanna Syri -- Finnish Climate and Energy strategy and electricity markepptx0.46
14/09/201611:15Gerard Bonhomme -- Assessing and comparing energy systems through EROIspptx3.13
14/09/201611:35Christopher Watson & Jef Ongena - Global energy strategies with low temperature risespptx0.48
14/09/201610:15Paul-Frederik Bach -- A Danish strategy combining fluctuating power production with international exchangespptx4.33
14/09/20168:30Marios Zarifakis -- Transient Stability and Stress on Turbo Generators during times of low System Inertiapptx6.98
14/09/201614:00Chris Rossel -- The Energy Union, the Integrated SET Plan and Horizon 2020pptx3.59