The EPS Energy Group provides a forum for Member Societies and European scientists interested in questions relating to energy and technologies for the supply, distribution, transformation and use of energy in society. Its activities include the organisation of workshops and conferences, as well as the exchange of information among the different EPS Member Societies.

Next meeting: All files of the EPS Energy Group meeting in Brussels last October are now available under

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EPS Position Paper on Green Electricity

This document focuses on electricity production by non-fossil sources. It puts the European Energy Policy in the broader context of the world energy and climate problem and highlights important points in the discussion on a greener energy future that require special attention.
This position paper has been prepared by the Energy Group of the EPS and approved by all EPS Divisions and Groups, its National Member Societies and Associated Members, representing over 130,000 physicists throughout Europe. more info
The Position Paper was also announced in the journal Nature:
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European Physical Journal Plus
Focus Point on the Transition to Sustainable Energy Systems

This focus point provides a collection of papers that are discussed in the EPS Energy Group. They contain in depth studies of several aspects of the energy discussion throughout Europe.

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Latest version of the EU Commission Energy Road Map -- A Clean Planet for all. A European strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy

The latest report of the EU Commission. Note the very interesting sentence on page 9: "Together with a nuclear power share of ca. 15% (to the electri...

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