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Agenda EPS Energy Group Meeting, Royal Academy Brussels, 10-11 Oct 2022pdf0.05
10/10/202212:30Christoph Buchal -- Net ZERO emissions until 2050pdf2.46
10/10/202214:00Egbert Lox -- Future Progress in Battery Technologypdf2.77
10/10/202214:30Hugo Hens -- Energy-efficient building construction and renovation, not a straightforward storypdf0.64
10/10/202215:00Daniel Marenne -- Challenges for large scale green H2 and CCU projectspdf0.98
10/10/202215:30Manfred Wanner -- Storage of Renewable Energy in the Form of Hydrogenpdf1.9
10/10/202216:30Paul-Frederik Bach -- Vulnerable European Power Systemspdf1.67
10/10/202217:00Marios Zarifakis -- Challenges from increased Electricity Generation from Wind in Irelandpdf2.84
10/10/202213:30Samuel Furfari -- Is the EU Green Deal compatible with the new energy situationpdf1.64
11/10/20229:00Friedrich Wagner -- Comparing CO2 production from renewables and nuclear powerpdf1.89
11/10/20229:30Hamid Ait Adberrahim -- Fuel Cycle Closure using P&T and SMRspdf3.22
11/10/202210:00Alfredo Portone -- Status of ITER and fusion researchpdf3.95
11/10/202211:00Christoph Buchal -- Energy Issues in Germanypdf1.92
11/10/202211:30Stef Proost -- Belgian Energy Issuespdf1.13