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28/10/201315:00Jose Martinez-Duart -- Energy developments in Spainpptx6.77
28/10/201316:00Enzo De Sanctis -- EPS-SIF Energy Schoolppt0.18
28/10/201316:30Gianluca Alimonti -- Energy Roadmap for Europe: a possible Position Statement by the EPS Energy Grouppptx3.28
28/10/201314:30Behnam Zakeri -- Towards Carbon-Neutral Energy Systems; Case of Finlands Climate Strategypptx2.92
28/10/201315:30Gianluca Alimonti -- A miniature detector for gamma rays (and neutrons?)pptx11.33
28/10/201313:00Agenda Energy Group Meeting Budapest 28/10/2015pdf0.03
28/10/201313:30Christoph Buchal -- The German Energy Turn-Around - Ideas, Laws and Consequencespdf3.12