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23/09/201513:00Agenda Energy Group Meeting Roma 23-24/09/2015pdf0.03
23/09/201517:45Christophe Rossel -- Responsability of scientists in public matterspptx4.61
23/09/201517:15Silvia Serrano -- The Spanish experience with vast amounts of renewable powerpdf1.31
23/09/201515:15Marios Zarifakis -- Transient stability of conventional generating stations during times of high wind penetration on the Island of Irelandpdf6.2
23/09/201514:15Paul-Frederik Bach -- Towards 50% Wind Electricity in Denmarkpptx1.01
23/09/201513:30Fritz Wagner -- EU-wide studies on the integration of renewable energies in the electricity gridpptx4.49
23/09/201516:45Christopher Watson and Jef Ongena -- The DECC Global Calculator A software tool to explore the technical andpptx0.97
23/09/201513:45Frederic Wertz -- Economic, Social and Environmental Aspects of Electricity Technologies Czech case within EU context/influencepdf2.66
23/09/201515:45Francesco Romanelli -- Impact of intermittent renewable energy sources (RES) on electricity production in Italypdf3.03
23/09/201514:45Christian Le Brun -- Electricity production by intermittent renewable sources: A synthesis of german and french studiespdf1.03
23/09/201516:15Elisabeth Rachlew -- Integration of renewables into the Electricity System of Swedenpdf1.35
24/09/20158:30Christoph Buchal -- Cool Facts for a hot Debatepdf3.1
24/09/20159:30Raymond Koch -- A physicist’s view on atmospheric and climate modelspptx1.23
24/09/201511:30Francesco Roca -- Expected technology improvements in solar energy, wind turbines, and other greener systemspptx4.85
24/09/201511:00Fritz Wagner -- How to come to a rational energy policy in Europe and the world ? pptx1.82
24/09/201512:00Marcello Capra -- Role of Smart Grids in the Italian Energy Policy Strategyppt1.47