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14/05/202418:30Raymond Koch -- The Net-Zero holy grail, Expected benefits and scientific foundationspdf1.09
14/05/202417:15Jef Ongena -- DT campaigns in JETpdf12.8
14/05/202417:00Alfredo Portone -- Welcome Introductionpdf0.62
14/05/202418:00Christoph Rossel -- The Energy Future in Europe, technology and policy challengespdf2.62
14/05/202419:00Mairi Sakellariadou -- Views and priorities for the new EPS Presidencypdf1.48
15/05/20248:15Gianluca Alimonti -- Is the number of global natural disasters increasing?pdf1.83
15/05/20249:00Paul-Frederik Bach -- Consequences of German nuclear phase-out across Europepdf3.82
15/05/20249:30Gérard Bonhomme -- The challenges of defossilizationpdf1.15
15/05/202411:15Carlos Lledo Fernandez -- In the conquest of new materials mining-free and design for batteriespdf9.43
15/05/202410:00Samuele Furfari -- Does nuclear need climate change fears to be implemented?pdf3.65
15/05/202410:45Hans-Otto-Uldall Fynbo -- CESAR Projectpdf6.21
15/05/202411:45Umberto Giuliani -- The role of nuclear baseload generation in an optimal decarbonized energy mixpptx12.05
15/05/202414:00Enrique Sanchez Bautista -- A New EPS-Energy Group Position Paper: how and whenpdf2.93
15/05/202412:15Marek Scholz -- Selected points of the Polish nuclear program - fission and fusionpdf6.03