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04/10/201811:30 - 12:00Friedrich Wagner -- Transformation of all energy consuming sectors in Germanypdf2.47
04/10/201810:00 - 10:20Cyril Stephanos -- Next Phase of the Energy Transition – Coupling the Energy Sectorspdf9.47
04/10/201814:30 - 14:50Alfredo Portone -- The ITER Project: Construction and Manufacturing Progress toward First Plasma pdf0.62
04/10/201815:00 - 15:20Diouma Kobor -- Energy access and renewable energy rate in ECOWAS countriespdf12.14
04/10/201817:00 -- 17:20Tristan Davenne -- Pumped Thermal Energy Storagepdf4.21
04/10/201816:00 - 16:20Gerard Bonhomme -- Total decarbonisation of our economy an utopia?pdf1.15
04/10/201812:00 - 12:20Paul-Frederik Bach -- The Vision of a North Sea Wind Power Hubpdf3.13
04/10/201811:00 - 11:20Bruno Lajoie -- The electricityMap: A project by the French-Danish startup Tomorrow (
04/10/20189:30 - 9:50Ludger Mohrbach -- Nuclear Power Plants: Design and Safe Operationpdf5.74
04/10/20189:00 - 9:20Thomas Linneman -- Wind energy in Europe: Status, potentials and challenges for baseload applicationpdf8.79
04/10/201814:00 - 14:20Jose Martinez-Duart -- Outlook of Changes in the Energy Mix Planned by the New Government for the Spanish Energy Transition (2030)pdf1.67
04/10/201807:00Agenda of the EPS Energy Group Meetingdocx0.1
05/10/20189:45 - 10:45Paul Williams -- Climate change and climate modelspdf11.91
05/10/20188:30 - 9:30Richard Lindzen -- Some thoughts on how the global warming narrative came to bepdf1.29